Travel FAQ

Should I purchase travel insurance?

We always recommend travel insurance and the vast Majority of our clients purchase the insurance. Many people do not know that many medical insurance companies will not cover you when you are out of the country. In this age of ever increasing flight delays, travel insurance will cover you if a flight delay causes you to miss a boat or another flight. Depending on the travel insurance coverage you can be covered for pre-departure cancellation, post-departure trip interruption, medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation, lost baggage, baggage delay, among others.

You do not want to be caught in a hospital in a foreign country without insurance.


How soon ahead of time should I book a cruise or land package?

It is never too soon to book a trip or cruise especially over major holidays such as Easter and Christmas/ New Years. Many popular resorts and cruises fill up fast.

What proof of citizenship do I need while traveling.

When not traveling outside of the borders of the United States, you need a driver’s license or other government issued ID’s. When traveling outside the US, I urge you to look under our “travel resources” heading, click on the link about Passports and this will take you to the US Passport Office. They will have the latest information as to what is required to travel to other countries. Because of the backlog of people wanting passports, the requirements are constantly chancing. Going to the US Passport site is to best way to find the latest information.

What medical facilities do they have aboard cruise ships?

The facilities aboard most cruise ships are very basic and not really equipped to operations. There also is a charge if you have to use the facilities which are another reason to take travel insurance.

Can personal cell phones be used aboard cruise ships?

Many ships are now equipped so that your personal cell phone can be used on the ship even out at sea. However, there are additional charges that can be $2.00 a minute.

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