Italy is the one of the most exceptional countries in the world offering beauty from the mountains to the lakes to some of the world's greatest ruins such as the Roman Coliseum, Roman Forum, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Pompeii, The Last Supper, Duomo in both Milan and Florence and of course, thousands of famous art works.

I have just returned from Italy (third time this year) and focused my travels on Rome and then took the high speed train to northern Italy. On previous visits, I have traveled extensively throughout other areas of the country including Cinque Terre, Rome, Naples,the Amalfi coastline and Sicily. Sailing past Mt. Etna, I saw a grand "fireworks "show in the late night under all of the stars; one of the most spectacular sightings I've ever seen!

I had the great fortune of walking the five villages earlier this year in Cinque Terre and now I can add to my experiences sailing on Lake Maggiore, having lunch on the beautiful Isola Bella and then over one of the sacred mountains to Lake Orta . Wow, it really did take my breath away. I spent many hours in Italy inspecting various hotels and villas.

Yes, I can put together your dream vacation in Italy whether you wish to travel in the very popular cities of Rome, Florence & Venice or if you choose to go off the familiar paths to Tuscany, Lombardy, Sicily or other areas. I have developed strong relationships with various Italian tour operators and can offer you fully inclusive tours of your choice.


Cinque Terra - coastline in Italy

"David" in Florence, Italy

Pompeii- Mt Vesuvius, a volcano near the city of Pompeii near the Bay of Naples buried the ancient town of Pompeii in 79 A.D. Here is one of the town's citizens who perished. A tour of Pompeii is a must visit for anyone visiting this part of Italy; experts at the Pompeii Archaeological Site are preparing for a future exhibition called Pompeii and Europe.

Jim & Katie

Piazza in Rome


I have traveled to this destination many times and it is one of my favorite places in the world.I have spent many hours inspecting hotels, resorts, beaches, garden bungalows, beach bungalows and the ever popular over the water bungalows, the ultimate experience. After completing my early travels to Tahiti along with my studies working with the Tahiti Tourism Board and selling many travel packages to French Polynesia, I have earned my Certified Tahiti Tiare Agent qualification.

It is the perfect place for a honeymoon, vacation or to celebrate that special occasion. Total relaxation is offered in all types of accommodations; one can even peer down from their Jacuzzi bathtub in an over the water bungalow to view the colorful tropical fish

In addition to enjoying the wonders of the truly beautiful country, I have gone snorkeling, fed the stingrays and sharks, rode on a 4 wheel jeep drive in the mountains, enjoyed outrigger canoeing and participated in many of the local cultural activities. My culinary experiences have far exceeded my wildest desires. Fresh local seafood is always available at the various restaurants throughout the islands.

Most hotels feature evening entertainment by beautifully costumed dancers who demonstrate the grace, music and dancing in the tradition of the Polynesian people.

I've also had the experience of cruising the Tahitian Islands aboard the MS Paul Gauguin, a small luxury cruise that carries 380 passengers. This allows you the opportunity to visit several islands without having to pack and unpack every few days. In 2008, I will again be sailing on the MS Paul Gauguin visiting the Tahitian (Society) Islands and the Marquesa Islands located in the northern part of French Polynesia.

Tahiti Sunset

Tahiti Island


Betty has assisted many couples over the past 18 years with their honeymoon planning to destinations around the world.

Betty has visited many tropical destinations including most of the Caribbean Islands, Bermuda, Hawaii and the South Pacific. While traveling in these areas, she has had the opportunity to inspect many hotels, resorts, restaurants and visit many beaches. She continues to visit French Polynesia on a regular basis to maintain her specialty as a Certified Tiare Tahitian Agent and work with the Tahiti Tourism Board. In addition, she is a certified Sandals Specialist having visited and stayed in most of the Sandals Resorts.

While inspecting these resorts, Betty has gotten to know many of the general managers. This has proved helpful in getting clients some special touches when they are booked into the properties.

In addition to tropical climate destinations, Betty has traveled throughout Europe and has spent much time traveling in Italy. There has been a growing demand from newlyweds to spend their honeymoons in Italy and some of those in very romantic settings such as Rome, Venice and the Lakes area in hotels or villas facing the lakes and mountains. Betty has traveled to Italy many times where she has met various incoming tour operators and inspected dozens of properties. This has allowed her to be able to match the right client with a resort or villa in their preferred destination and price range.

Meeting and working with engaged clients to design their dream honeymoon is a special joy for Betty. On our new" blog section" we will be posting testimonials from those who have returned from their honeymoons and other trips .



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